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Fiordland Lodge offers an excellent incentive rate for daytime weddings where our main restaurant is available as a private room from between 10.30am - 5pm.

Advantages of hosting a day time Wedding at Fiordland Lodge:

  • You will be able to host your wedding at the lodge over peak season, so this means it’s often easier to lock in your preferred date.
  • Price - we offer a special venue rate of $2,500 for all day time weddings.
  • All day time weddings still get to choose from the same menus.
  • Skip the decorations – lunch affairs are thought to take on a more casual approach, so you can save money on the likes of bands, cars and flowers e.g. more simple centrepieces.
  • You get the photos all day - more hours of daylight mean more opportunity to take great photographs of you and the wedding party.
  • Family Friendly - ideal for kids and elderly as it does not get to late for them and even if you have a babysitter you won’t need to rush back.
  • Enjoy the views the entire time.