Restaurant & Casual Dining.

Fiordland Lodge offers the opportunity in and around business levels for lunch time dining for non-house guests.

Our lunch dining experience is unique to the area, both on the plate and throughout our restaurant environment. Guests will experience a connection to Fiordland through the land and from the ocean through dishes that focus on freshness, simplicity, and seasonal produce".

Focus on Fiordland Lunch Shared Platters...$200 per person

3 Fiordland produce platters served over lunch, 1 platter 'from the Ocean' and 1 platter 'from the Land' and a dessert petite four style platter to finish. These banquet-style platters are a mingle-as-you-please table arrangement creating a fantastic communal dining atmosphere and available to non-house guests for lunch only on prior arrangement.

For bookings and availability please contact reservations on (03) 2497832

Email info@fiordlandlodge.co.nz