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Suitable for both professional and amateur photographers looking to enhance and refresh their camera eye. Aimed at nature lovers Fiordland is a photographer's dream-come-true.

Our Focus on Photography experience is accompanied by private guide and Te Anau local Douglas Thorne who specializes in photographing New Zealand scenery and wildlife and he was recently named the 2017 Otago Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Douglas will do his best to maximize the chances of obtaining the best pictures over the course of your day and your day is targeted around your special interests and Douglas will look for subjects of special interest to you such as birds, wildlife, landscapes, scenery, plants or the night sky.

Rare, Unique Wildlife – Fiordland is known for its fascinating and unique wildlife. Many of New Zealand's rarest native bird species make their home in Fiordland whether it is the cheeky Kea, an alpine parrot with bright red feathers on the underside of its wings or the rare blue duck or the Fiordland crested penguins. Nowhere is the wild beauty of New Zealand displayed with more effect than in the stunning landscapes of Fiordland. Here, untamed waterfalls tumble hundreds of metres into virgin forested valleys, lonely fiords greet the sun with enchanted birdsong, and stretches of crystal clear lakes shimmer in the pure air surrounded by a mantle of vivid green rainforest and towering granite peaks. The scenery is wild, dramatic and breathtaking and a paradise for the keen photographer.

Photography in this area can be extremely rewarding and you will go home with some stunning pictures in your luggage. The opportunity to utilize a helicopter is an added extra and option to get into the likes of Doubtful Sound which is a photographers haven of nature with ancient rainforest, abundant wildlife and superb physical grandeur. Practically untouched by man, the fiord has a deep stillness, a sense of solitude and serenity - it is quite simply and unquestionably breathtaking through the lens.

Focus on Photography

Equipment recommended:

- Camera

- Telephoto lenses (with 300mm lenses it is possible to get excellent images)

- Wide-angle lenses (there will be opportunities to shoot stunning Fiordland landscapes)

- Flash

- Tripod and/or monopod

- Protection against humidity (rain is a reality in Fiordland. It is good to protect your equipment. If you don’t have sealed bags, regular plastic bags will help protect your apparatus)

- Batteries, chargers and additional memory cards

- Notebook (it's not essential, but it’s great for backup and visualization)

- Compact camera (for making off and common shots)

Price: $975 based on 2 people.

Price Includes: Includes private vehicle, private guide and picnic lunch.