Fiordland Restaurant and Casual Dining Te Anau New Zealand Milford Sounds.

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Fiordland Lodge Restaurant and Casual Dining For Non House Guests

Fiordland Lodge offers the opportunity around business levels for casual evening dining for non-house guests. As our evening menu changes daily we advise that reservations are necessarry for catering requirements.

Fiordland Lodge partners with local suppliers and farmers, cheesemakers, and other talented artisans, to create a dining experience that is unique to the area, both on the plate and throughout our restaurant environment. Guests will experience a connection to the land through dishes that focus on freshness, simplicity, and seasonal flavours".

All meals are served overlooking Lake Te Anau and our famous Te Anau night sky. Famous as Fiordland is an ideal venue for live night sky viewing due to its lack of air and light pollution. The night sky mirrors the values that draw people to Fiordland; a vast, rugged, untouched and ancient landscape.

For bookings and availability please contact reservations on (03) 2497832


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